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About us

Surfing Slicks

The idea for Surfing Slicks is a simple one: we love vintage motor racing liveries, classic surfboards, original art and design, and time-honoured UK craftsmanship — so we combined them all together.

Having decided that the contours of a surfboard are the perfect blank canvas on which to capture the finest motor racing liveries of the past century, we got in touch with our favourite race teams. We’ve partnered with many of them on previous artistic projects and we discovered that, once again, they shared our passion for the Surfing Slicks concept. 
Working closely with these officially licensed historic motor racing teams, we’ve already created more than 50 original wall-art designs depicting motoring legend liveries such as Vanwall, Team Lotus, BRM, Tyrrell, Ecurie Ecosse, Carl Fogarty, and All American Racing and Dan Gurney, among many others. And there are more still to come.
Vintage inspiration

Each surfboard is an original design, handmade in the UK. If a car’s race livery hails from the 1960s, the surfboard's design and shape will also reflect a surfboard from the same era. If the car livery is vintage 1970s,
the surfboard will likewise be a  1970s’ board design.

We see the Surfing Slicks Collection as pieces of collectable art in their own right. They look incredible mounted on the wall or stood in the corner of a room, office, or showroom. Each one of the 1970s’ livery designs is 6ft 6inches long and 20 inches wide. Surfboard designs from other periods vary in size but each one has an outstanding impact.
We’re already coming up with inspired new ideas and this includes our car bodywork sculptures. Imagine the full-scale body shell of your all-time favourite classic racing car in its original race livery or captured in a variety of artistic finishes,
such as liquid metal and metallic paintwork. We also offer a bespoke design service for one-off commissions.
All our pieces are an original addition to any art collection or interior design. 

Keeping in touch…

Just as we see our surfboards as a blank canvas for capturing the most famous historic racing teams and their fantastic race liveries, so we see our company as a blank canvas for limitless great creations and collaborations in the future.
It’s a journey of discovery; one we hope you’ll join us on. 

We’d love to hear what you think, so please follow us at  Instagram/Facebook  and contact us at
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