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The Customer has a legal right to change or cancel their order within the “cooling off period” of seven days. Any cancellation or changes by the Customer after this seven-day “cooling off period” may be subject to an administration fee by the Company.


Should the Customer want to make any changes to their original order, after having placed an order, and assuming that these changes are actually possible, these changes will be subject to an administration fee by the Company.


The Company will have complete discretion to give a complete, partial or no refund at all to any cancellation or changes to any order after the Customer has confirmed the order.


Should the Company not be able to supply the items ordered by the Customer, for whatever reason, a full refund, limited to the original price paid, will be refunded to the Customer.




The Company may employ a third party company to make the delivery of their goods.


The Customer will agree upon the actual delivery method. 


Delivery charges will be quoted to the Customer and added to the account before their acceptance and will therefore be included in the Pro-forma Invoice.


When delivering outside the U.K., any local taxes, import duties, or customs charges will be the Customer's responsibility and will have to be paid for by the Customer.


The Company will make every effort to deliver the goods to the address given by the Customer during normal working hours.


Unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing, any delivery date as given by the Company will be only an estimate. The Company will not be held liable to the Customer for any loss or damage if the Customer fails to meet the timescale suggested due to unforeseen circumstances. 


Surf Boards delivered by most delivery companies are uninsurable, so Surf Boards are not covered during transit. The Company will do everything to ensure that the items are protected and packed properly but cannot be held responsible for damage caused during transit.

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