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For Surfing Slicks Surf Boards Wall Art and Displays.





The following meanings will apply to the terms and conditions of Surfing Slicks Ltd.

The whose registered office is at:

46 Tamworth Drive, Fleet, Hampshire. GU51 2UP.

Registered at Companies House with the UK Registration Number 13160644.

The Company means               Surfing Slicks Ltd.


The Customer means               The person or company whose details are given on any enquiry or order form.


The website means                  Our website


These terms and conditions apply to all purchases, however, made online or otherwise, from Surfing Slicks Ltd. Therefore, we must recommend that you read this document before any order is placed with the company to avoid any misunderstanding.





The Company would encourage potential customers to look at our website to see the extensive range of Surf Boards and other items available for display purposes.


All of the items we offer have been designed and built to fantastic standards, have incredible finishes, and are fully licensed by the owners of the displayed marks.

The website is to be used as expressed strictly by the terms and conditions only








This website is owned and operated by the Company. The Company also owns the copyright of all of the items and displays are shown on this website. The Company encourages potential customers to use and view the extensive contents of our website and even to print off any of these for their personal use only. 


The Company strictly prohibits the copying or using any of the images, contents or designs in any other way for any other purpose, without prior written confirmation from the Company.

Design & Intellectual Property 
The Surfboards represented on the Surfing Slicks website are digital/prototypes to act as visual representations of what our final hand-finished surfboard designs will look like. Being a handmade product designs may vary slightly from board to board and design to design from the Visual representation contained on the website but will represent the design from the website, this will be the same with colour matching. Each individual surfboard racing team colour have been matched as closely as possible to the original race team colours but can not be guaranteed to be a 100% correct colour match. 
The images are to represent the quality and craftsmanship of the final hand-finished boards 




By agreeing to place an order with the Company, you confirm that you are legally entitled to enter into a binding contract with the company and are over 18 years old.


The company will do its best to ensure that all of the prices displayed on the website are correct. The Company reserves the right to change any of these prices without any prior notice.


All orders placed with the Company will be subject to acceptance in accordance with these Terms & Conditions.


All orders must be ordered using the order forms on the Company website or in writing by the Customer.


Once the Company has received an order, the Customer will receive an acknowledgement, which we would ask the Customer to check very carefully.


Any errors in order will be the Customer's responsibility and will be considered as being confirmed by, and accepted by, and will be paid for by the customer. It is therefore important that this acknowledgement is checked carefully before being confirmed by the customer.


Once the acknowledgement has been confirmed and received, the Company will send a Pro-Forma Invoice to the Customer for the items purchased.






All orders must be paid for in full at the time of order by the Customer. Payment may be made by Debit Card or Credit Card or by Bank Transfer.


The Company will confirm payment by sending a receipt of your order, confirming the details of what has been ordered and the Company Order Number. If there are any errors in the order being made by the Customer, it is the Customer's responsibility to inform the Company immediately, as errors cannot be changed at a later date.







The Customer has a legal right to change or cancel their order within the “cooling off period” of seven days. Any cancellation or changes by the Customer after this seven-day “cooling off period” may be subject to an administration fee by the Company.


Should the Customer want to make any changes to their original order, after having placed an order, and assuming that these changes are actually possible, these changes will be subject to an administration fee by the Company.


The Company will have complete discretion to give a complete, partial or no refund at all to any cancellation or changes to any order after the Customer has confirmed the order.


Should the Company not be able to supply the items ordered by the Customer, for whatever reason, a full refund, limited to the original price paid, will be refunded to the Customer.





The Company may employ a third party company to make the delivery of their goods.


The Customer will agree upon the actual delivery method. 


Delivery charges will be quoted to the Customer and added to the account before their acceptance and will therefore be included in the Pro-forma Invoice.


When delivering outside the U.K., any local taxes, import duties, or customs charges will be the Customer's responsibility and will have to be paid for by the Customer.


The Company will make every effort to deliver the goods to the address given by the Customer during normal working hours.


Unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing, any delivery date as given by the Company will be only an estimate. The Company will not be held liable to the Customer for any loss or damage if the Customer fails to meet the timescale suggested due to unforeseen circumstances. 


Surf Boards delivered by most delivery companies are uninsurable, so Surf Boards are not covered during transit. The Company will do everything to ensure that the items are protected and packed properly but cannot be held responsible for damage caused during transit.



Once the goods have been dispatched by the Company, the ownership of the goods and the risk of damage to the goods will pass to the Customer.    


If the goods dispatched by the Company for delivery to the Customer have been lost or damaged in transit, it will be the responsibility of the Customer and the chosen carrier.

However, the Company will do their best to assist the Customer with any claim with the carrier.


Should the Surf Board supplied not be up to the quality or standard advertised, the Customer has the right to a replacement or credit?


The Customer must advise the Company as soon as possible, or within two days of delivery with a full description of the problem and photos to confirm the problem.


The Customer has the legal right to expect that the goods supplied by the Company are “up to the standard for the purpose for which they are sold”. The surfboards and other items sold by Surfing Slicks Ltd are specifically for Wall Art and Display purposes.  


The Customer must ensure that any goods returned to the Company are packed properly. If possible, use the packaging as originally delivered to ensure they are not damaged in transit and are received back in the same condition as they were when delivered.


The Company would also suggest that the Customer use a recorded delivery service when returning any goods to the Company.


The Customer is responsible for all costs in returning any goods to the Company unless the goods supplied were faulty or delivered in error.






The Company must point out that the Surf Boards supplied by Surfing Slicks Ltd are specifically designed for “Wall Art” or other display purposes.


They could certainly be used as normal surfboards in the sea, but we must remind you that Surfing is a hazardous sport; many people get injured, and some even die when surfing or learning to surf. 


Therefore anybody considering taking up the sport of “Surfing” must have proper training.


The Company must therefore advise that should a Customer decide to use, or allow, one of the Company surfboards to be used as a surfboard in the sea, they must receive proper instruction and get proper safety equipment before using them in such a way, and must at all times be aware of their personal limitations, and take appropriate professional safety advice, to stay safe, not causing injury to either themselves or anyone else.


The Company must also make it clear that they will not accept any liability for any accidents or incidents that should occur if used in such a way, as this is not the purpose for which we supplied them. 






The Company warranties that all of the products supplied are suitable for the purpose for which they are supplied and designed for, which is for Display Purposes.


The Company offers no warranties whatsoever, where products are used for any purposes other than display, which are the purposes for which they are designed and sold.


This warranty does not affect and is in addition to the statutory rights.






The Company reserves the right to make any changes to these Terms of Sales at any time. The Customer will be subject to the terms applicable at the time that any order is placed.


The Company cannot take any responsibility for any accidents or damage from any items supplied when stored, handled, or displayed by the Customer.


The Company would confirm that this contract is governed by and constructed per the laws of Great Britain. The Customer also agrees to the exclusive jurisdiction of the High Court of Great Britain to resolve any disputes arising therefrom.

  As a maximum permitted by law you the buyer/purchaser agrees to indemnify Surfing Slicks Ltd against any third party claims and or damages and costs which may at any time arise from any products used/purchased from Surfing Slicks Ltd. A failure to have in-forced ant terms and conditions at any times by Surfing Slicks is not to be deemed to be any waiver of any rights of Surfing Slicks under its T&C’s 


Surfing Slicks reserve the right to remove, add or change information, designs images etc from the website without notice

To the maximum extent permitted by law, Surfing Slicks excludes all liability, including negligence, for any loss incurred in reliance on the contents of this website.

No warranty can be given as to any electronic defects as to viruses, given to the website.

Colours shown on the website can not be guaranteed to exactly represents the colours of the product themselves as seen on individual buyers computers and monitors.

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